The Metropolis Servant-leadership Governance Civil Network (MSGnet) has a population of about 510 cities worldwide. The ISEA Foundation continues its networking with metropolitan mayors and international organizations, leaders serving the world's citizens.


In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, each country is planning a Smart City. The ISEA Foundation here enlightens that the realization of a Smart City is a social system in which Human Rights can be guaranteed, and recommends the Blockchain Common Currency MobiDollar Project as a concrete means.


The activities of the ISEA Foundation in accordance with the UN Agenda 2030 are announced around the world in the 2020 UN General Assembly documents through regular reports by the Human Rights Council High Commissioner, and the contents of the UN Development Fund (FfD) are also posted on the UN Public Relations Network. The agency, along with international organizations, will continue its enlightenment activities to enable cities and governments to apply the MobiDollar Project more substantially for Survival Human Rights.


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